Lawson Park, the newest addition to Egleston Square

Longtime merchant becomes memorialized as an official Boston Park

On June 22nd, 2019, the official naming ceremony for the long-awaited Lawson Park took place at 1 Atherton Street, Roxbury. A confederation of residents had been working for years building community support and meeting the specifications to certify the space as an official Boston Park. The Egleston Square Neighborhood Association supported the efforts of this ad hoc group, called “The Friends of Lawson Park”.

Mister Robert G. Lawson (September 9, 1942 – June 21, 2016) was one of the oldest proprietors at Egleston Square, a man who dedicated 46 years of his life to his neighborhood. By identifying the space as an official Boston park, the Boston Parks and Recreation agency will continue to keep the space beautiful and clean, making the memory a perpetually beautiful space.

“For those who believed in me, I proved them right. For those that didn’t, I proved them wrong.” By Robert Lawson.