December 6, 2021 Meeting Minutes

  • Greetings & introductions         
  • Police Report
  • Peace Garden Update
  • Boston Transportation Dept. – ideas on way-finding signs in the Egleston Square neighborhood
  • Lawson Park Holiday Lighting & other events
  • Housing Committee – 127 Amory report, upcoming meetings on Egleston Library (12/8), 174 Boylston (12/13), 3243 Washington (tba)
  • Other updates – Inspectional Services in Egleston Square

Police Report

Officer Martinez gave us the Police Report.  Officer Martinez grew up in Egleston Square, and became a Community Service Officer in August, after years of being the walking beat officer in Egleston Square:

  • There was an arrest in the recent homicide case in the Square
  • BPD has a gun buy back program 12/11, 10 am-4 pm at St. Mary of the Angels Church – a $100 gift card in exchange for a gun, no questions asked
  • He reminded people to never give personal info over the phone; no one from any financial or governmental institution would ever ask you for personal information over the phone
  • Larcenies and burglaries, including breaking and entering, are up, and neighbors are urged to be alert

If people would like to receive E-13’s weekly journal listing police incidents, they can email Officer Martinez and let him know:

Peace Garden update

Mike Rogers of Rep. Malia’s office has continued to be in touch with Rick Waechter of Clear Channel, which owns the Peace Garden.  Clear Channel has fenced in the Peace Garden, and hired a broker to list the property for sale.  Community stakeholders met to discuss next steps in the campaign to insure implementation of a community vision for that space.  Current efforts include

Wayfinding Signage in Egleston Square

Lauren Moule of the Boston Transportation Department provided follow up to last month’s discussion about the signage program that is part of BTD’s Egleston Square Redesign.  The signs are guides to places and resources, and targeted to pedestrians and bicyclists.  Lauren sent out a survey asking about important destinations and got 22 responses. Destinations include shopping areas, Schools & Health Centers, the Library, and Cultural and Community Centers.  She hopes to finalize signage designs by the end of the year, with sign installation of about 16-19 signs scheduled for next spring.  Both of Lauren’s presentations are posted at Egleston Square Redesign; look under the ‘Materials’ section, Wayfinding.

William Moose of BTD reminded people of upcoming meetings on proposed changes to Atherton & Beethoven Streets – 12/9 In person pop-up meeting 2-4 pm, Lawson Park; 12/14, 6 pm Online meeting in English; 12/15, 6 pm Online meeting in Spanish

Lawson Park Holiday Lighting

Magda told us we have raised enough funds to have two trees wrapped in holiday lights; the lights will stay in place throughout the winter.  This year, the City’s holiday tree is located right next door on the opposite side of Atherton St., so that should bring additional cheer to this corner.  The Lawson Park Friends Group will organize a clean-up/decorating event before the tree lighting, scheduled for 12/18.

Housing Committee Update

127 Amory St. is one of the buildings to be built on the large lot that surrounds the senior/disabled housing at 125 Amory St.  The whole project is called 125 Amory, but it actually includes four different buildings with 4 different addresses:  the senior/disabled housing that was recently renovated (125 Amory); building on the corner of Atherton and Amory that’s under construction (137 Amory – Holtzer Park); and two more apartment buildings that have not yet begun construction (101 and 127 Amory).  The proposed changes are to 127 Amory.  127 Amory was supposed to be a combination of  market rate & affordable housing; it will now be all affordable housing. Here’s a summary of the proposed changes for 127 Amory:

  • Building envelope (height, size, outer structure) stays the same
  • Number of units changing from 140 to 96 – more 2-3 bedrooms, no studios and fewer 1-bedrooms
  • Affordable units increasing from 35 to 140  – 100% affordability
  • Parking spaces decreasing from 72 to 30

The Egleston Library Study Team of the Boston Public Library has scheduled a public meeting 12/8 to show four proposals for a new Library:  2 designs for a library with housing above, a one-story library, a two-story library.  The Library Study Team will soon release its final report, outlining the details and considerations for these four options.


The City’s Department of Neighborhood Development has scheduled a public meeting for 12/13, 6:30 pm online to discuss possible uses for a City-owed vacant lot at 174 Boylston St.  This is the second community meeting on this parcel.

The Housing Committee will meet with the owners of 3243 Washington St. regarding their request for variances to convert this 2-family to a 4-family.  This property will go before the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council Zoning Committee on 12/15. 

Other Updates

Boston’s Inspectional Services Department did a walk-through in Egleston Square on 11/30, focusing on rodent control and other inspectional issues.  Main issues included:

  • overflowing or unlidded dumpsters at large apartment buildings & some businesses
  • street & sidewalk trash on West Walnut Park & Columbus/Washington intersection
  • trash & discarded needles at City-owned Atherton St. blue bike lot

ISD staff issued citations and passed out literature to businesses and residents on rodent control.  Tiffani Caballero, our liaison at Office of Neighborhood Services, is helping to address some of these issues.